Your Funeral Alternative in Southern Ontario

At Grand River Cremation Service, we want to allow people to celebrate loved ones in whatever way they choose. That’s why we offer simple cremation as an affordable alternative to a traditional funeral.

Our Approach

Grand River Cremation Service was established to embrace a growing trend in funeral alternatives across Ontario. Our experienced team, based in Southern Ontario, wanted to take a new approach to the business — one that prioritized simplicity and flexibility for the families and individuals using our services.

What prompted this shift? Over the years, we have observed that people are less and less motivated by the details of a funeral ceremony. These things have grown less important to the average Canadian. As our society becomes increasingly multicultural, old customs are fading and new ones are taking their place.

People are looking for simple solutions that can be arranged at their convenience. No confusion, no hassle — just the chance to move on, and the opportunity to pay respects and celebrate their loved one’s rite of passage in their own way.

Affordable Cremations in Ontario

Grand River Cremation Service offers an affordable cremation solution, specifically designed for people looking to avoid the extended planning and preparations of a traditional funeral service. All of our services can be arranged online or in person, based on your preference.

Customers also have the option to pre-plan funeral arrangements for themselves or others.