Cremation Prices in Ontario

Service Price
Staff and Professional Services $480
Facilities Shelter of remains $190
Local transfer from place of death within 50kms $190
Transfer to crematorium includes pick up from crematorium $190
Simple Container The Oxford cremation container by Millsleep $90
Documentation Registration of Death, Gathering of Vital Statistics, Unlimited Funeral Director Proof of Death Certificates $90
Cremation Fee with Crematorium $795
Registration Fee with Municipality $35 *no tax
Coroner’s Signature Required for Cremation Certificate $75 *no tax
BAO Consumer Protection Fee Funeral $30 *no tax
BAO Consumer Protection Fee Crematory $30 *no tax
Total *no tax $170.00
Total subject to 13% HST $1,780.00
Total HST $231.40
Total with GRCS $2,181.40