The Executor and/or next of kin bear legal responsibility in the disposition of the deceased. It is prudent for the executor to include the family in any decisions regarding final arrangements.
No, embalming is not required in Ontario.
Yes, you can prearrange your services. They can be prepaid as well at today’s price.
You can visit our planning page to begin the process!
A prepaid service is paying in advance for our services. All money is placed in trust with our financial institution.
Yes, the price is guaranteed. The interest earned on the term of the investment is designed to offset the increase in our costs over time. All excess funds are returned to the estate. GRCS will discount any shortfall in investment activity vs. future cost.
Your money is placed in trust with our financial institution. Your money can be refunded at any time without penalty.
After receiving a written request, all monies including principal and accrued interest will be refunded.
Cremation is a process where fire reduces the body to a residue.
Ashes may be retained by the family, interred in a cemetery, placed in a niche in a columbarium, or scattered on one’s private property or in a designated area of the cemetery.
No, the ashes are returned in a sealed plastic bag and cardboard container
This option includes the removal of the deceased from the place of death, the placement of the body into a casket, the delivery of the body to the crematorium, and the filing of necessary documentation.